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Our Executive


The NPAV executive structure is different to other competitors. Our elected executive consist of a President, Vice-President and Treasurer who must all be nurses, these executive members make all policy decisions for NPAV.

The Secretary is appointed by the executive under the constitution and does not make policy decisions. Instead, the Secretary sees to the day-to-day operations of the organisation on behalf of the executive.

When we say "Run by Nurses for Nurses" we mean it.

 Pippa Rice 


Pip, a seasoned nurse with 28 years of experience, resides in Tasmania with her partner and four daughters. Early in her career, she explored 23 countries in two years, earned the Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award, and worked in the UK, embracing the flexibility and diversity nursing offers. Pip's journey includes caring for Port Arthur Massacre victims, leading to her interest in trauma and emergency management as a Nursing Officer in the Australian Army Reserve since 2006.
Enlisting in the Australian Army Band Corps in 1997, Pip combined her love for music with her nursing career. Commissioned as a Lieutenant in 2006, she continued her family's military legacy, with relatives serving in various conflicts. In the Army, Pip excelled in nursing, logistics, and operations, rising to the rank of Major. She played crucial roles, including preventing flu outbreaks and providing resuscitation capability in military exercises.
Pip's career expanded to training and assessing ADF nurses, and a remote posting as a nursing Career Advisor at Army Headquarters in Canberra. Pip is passionate about mentoring, welcoming new challenges, and presenting on her specialty of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine. Her diverse roles, from serving as Treasurer to the Tasmanian Wound Care Association to responding to bushfires, showcase her commitment to both military and civilian communities.
As a Clinical Nurse Educator at the Royal Hobart Hospital since 2009, Pip is presently orientating nursing students and graduates, conducting audits, and providing training in the Short Stay Suite including Endoscopy. Simultaneously, she serves as the inaugural President of NPAV, advocating for members and contributing to future healthcare directions. Pip's diverse impact extends to her recent role as a Director for the RSV Aurora Australis Foundation Ltd, where she lobbied to keep and preserve Australia's icebreaker.
In 2019, Pip's professionalism earned her the Tasmanian Nursing and Midwifery Excellence in Nursing Practice Award. Beyond her outstanding career, she actively supports the community, mentors new nurses, engages in various causes and champions human rights. As a dynamic force in healthcare, Pip looks forward to influencing future directions and providing a voice of reason in an evolving healthcare landscape.

NPAV President Pippa Rice

 Bernie Franke 

Vice President

Bernie is a Registered Nurse (RN) with an extensive background in healthcare, spanning over 30 years of full-time experience in various hospital settings. His career has predominantly revolved around community clinical practice and case management, where for 17 years he has been an integral part of the Hospital Admission Risk Team (HARP) in the Barwon area.

His dedication to the field led him to become a member of the Nurses Professional Association of Victoria and throughout his career he has “always valued the principles of informed consent and the practice of individualised risk-benefit assessments in medicine. It is my belief that every individual should have the right to make informed decisions about their healthcare, and that medical interventions should be tailored to each person's unique circumstances and needs.”

Bernie's extensive experience as an RN, his commitment to informed consent, and his dedication to individualised risk-benefit medicine all underline his hope for a future where these principles are once again at the forefront of healthcare practices, and where the well-being of both patients and healthcare professionals is safeguarded.

NPAV Vice President Bernie Franke

 Jenny Zhang 


Jenny is passionate about assisting others in achieving optimal health and life outcomes, this is rooted in her belief that a positive and enthusiastic attitude plays a crucial role in this endeavor. Her journey in the health industry has been marked by a wealth of experience, encompassing various facets such as aged care, subacute, acute, and critical care.

With a diverse background in nursing, Jenny has seamlessly blended her roles in nursing care and patient advocacy. Throughout her career, she has consistently strived to bring smiles to the faces of both patients and colleagues, recognising the profound impact a positive outlook can have on overall well-being.

Driven by her unwavering commitment to making a meaningful difference, Jenny has recently embarked on a new chapter by joining Red Union. Here, she sees an opportunity to further channel her passion for helping frontline nurses. By leveraging her extensive knowledge and experience, Jenny aims to continue fulfilling her passion in helping frontline nurses.

NPAV Treasurer Jenny Zhang

 Jenny Spencer 

NPAV State Coordinator

Jenny has been working in healthcare for almost 40 years and has been committed to her patients and determined to do her very best for them.

As the NPAV State Coordinator, Jenny is eager to support nurses in the field, giving them a voice to bring about positive change for themselves and the patients they care for.

Jenny’s understanding of the challenges faced by nurses in diverse settings, including hospitals and nursing homes, come from her hand-on experience. She begun volunteering for Red Union and was quickly asked to be part of the team. 
For two years, Jenny has been contributing to general member support and addressing a wide range of workplace issues. Her role in expanding NPAV in rural settings shows her commitment to reaching nurses in all corners of our community.

Jenny is happy to be working for an organisation that isn't associated with any political party and who actively puts nurse's interests first. Jenny looks forward to growing the union so that we can really make a difference for our Victorian members.

"I believe NPAV will make a positive difference for nurses. I am very encouraged by the fact that we have no political affiliation and truly give nurses a voice which is unmitigated by alternative agendas.”
Jenny Spencer

 Ella Leach 

State Secretary

Ella has been a registered nurse and NPA member since the start of her career in 2017. She secured a graduate program in paediatrics and never looked back! She has experience in orthopaedics, neurology, neurosurgery, oncology and medical day procedures.
Ella finds it a privilege to be able to support and care for her patients and their families during some of their best and worst moments. She places great importance on advocating for her patients as well as herself and her colleagues.
Ella is particularly passionate about providing support and education for students and new graduate nurses and views it as a rewarding investment in the future of the nursing profession.
Ella Leach

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The Nurses' Professional Association of Victoria (NPAV) is a professional association. The Nurses' Professional Association of Australia (NPAA) is an industrial association whose principal purpose is to protect and promote the interests of members in matters concerning their employment or professional engagement. No membership fees are used to support any political party (including the ALP), so we are able to source and/or provide representation for all members, on all issues, better than our competitors. Savings of over $177 are just the beginning.

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