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What our NPAV and NPAA members say...


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What our NPAV and sister NPAQ members say...


I would like to express my deep gratitude to Tracy Tully for the support she has given me during a difficult and sensitive experience. The non-judgemental, professional, emotional support and guidance was more than I expected. Tracy went above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks to Tracy I received a great outcome and feel I can move forward in my career with greater confidence and knowledge. It is wonderful to have the knowledge as a professional that I am supported and cared for by NPAQ. Thank you so very much.
Peita F
Darren was very supportive and provided me with appropriate advice to navigate my employment contract from a non-adversity approach. This enabled me to approach my employer while staying safe from possible repercussions as it was managed in a delicate manner. Without Darren’s support and advice I wouldn’t have been able to manage the matter or achieve an outcome that was in my favour.
Please seriously consider this service. I have called upon them twice in recent years and have found the advice & support above reproach. This team is caring, understanding and professional in dealing with the concerns I submitted to them until each case was resolved to my utmost satisfaction. God Bless you all.
Debbie R
Thank you for the support NPAQ. I have been a nurse and union member for over 20 years and have never had such support. The response to my request for representation was great. Right from the beginning, Ben was supportive. He called me multiple times and emailed me relevant information and called after the meeting I had to attend. He ensured I was okay and needed anything, offered to go through mock scenarios if I needed too, and did everything he could to alleviate my anxiety. My meeting went smoothly with a good outcome. Thank you Ben...you're a legend!
Karyn D
I felt entirely understood and supported by NPAQ. Every step of the way connected and listened to. They went above and beyond to help my case and supported me in a timely manner. 10/10
Elizabeth R
Darren, Thank you SO much for your prompt undivided attention to my recent matter and the quick outcome. I was lucky enough to be directed to the best. You’re a keeper and a winner. NPAQ always! Thanks again.
Kerri A
I have unfortunately had to deal with two issues of aggression at work, firstly from a family member of a geriatric patient and then an aggressive EN who compiled a very lengthy scathing complaint about me. I appreciate the time that Tracy Tully spent with me across both complaints. Through Tracy, I was given Kirsten McAllister's details, who I have since met - just in time to help with the scathing EN. Most recently I have spoken to Kathleen who helped polish off my response. Thanks all. I feel like a stronger nurse because of you!
Annette B
I recently sought advice from NPAQ regarding my work contract. Emilie and Isabel responded swiftly via email and phone. I joined several unions including interstates and overseas. What Emilie and Isabel did for me was far beyond my expectation. I hope NPAQ will keep this up - it's sincerity!
NPAQ was excellent in all aspects of dealing with my workplace issue. Thanks to the hard work & dedication the matter has been dealt with & finalised
Marion M
Thank you for the great work and a BIG thank you to Kathleen Campbell who was very calming and straight-talking in a stressful situation.
Wendy S
I just had the wonderful experience of having been supported by Kathleen Campbell in a workplace challenge. She had my back and kept me posted throughout, even with the obstacles she was thrown. The problem has been solved so far although the waters are still to be tested. We shall see. I will NOT hesitate to contact Kathleen in the future for assistance. GREAT WORK
Amanda J
My work cover query was answered promptly. It's great to have knowledgeable people available.
Chris S
I was feeling vulnerable but at each step Emilie was there when I made contact with her. Prior to the meeting she was very reassuring and supportive. I definitely was not my normal self and her reassurances, kindness and professionalism were outstanding. The notes on what to do and what not to do we’re an excellent guideline. In closing I have found the support of all involved in NPAQ kind and appropriately reassuring. Many thanks
Anne Cameron
I was impressed about your membership fee structure compared with your service provided to the members. I will recommend your company to my friends and colleagues in the future. Thank you for assisting us so well.
Atsuyo Sadler
Thank you for your fantastic communication and support throughout. Everyone was amazing. From the moment I called, I was greeted by a friendly voice Chris. Lots of support and clear information. Paralegal Carlton was great. Called in times that didn't affect my work. And got the result we wanted and had aimed for. Have recommended to all of my department to change over to NPAQ. Considering the other union used to say if I rang on a problem "oh yes we are aware of these things happening maybe you should change jobs." So thank you all for giving me faith in the system. And for everyone doing an excellent time effective job in sorting my situation.
Rachel M
Everybody involved spent the time necessary with the case in a timely manner.
Sonja Wildman
Very easy to apply, and a lot cheaper than what I have been paying in previous years. Thanks
I spoke with Jack Maguire who clearly and credibly answered all my questions. When he was unsure of the answer, he said so and didn't make something up. His answers were transparent and honest.
I cannot recommend NPAQ highly enough. Kathleen goes above and beyond in finding the answers to problems and offering support when you need it the most. She is attentive and empathic. Above all Kathleen will give wise and appropriate advice when you need it at your most vulnerable times.
I would like to thank Dianne for all of her help and support with my recent issue. We got a great outcome and issue resolved. The NPAQ are an awesome association for all nurses. They are there for the nurses 100%, what more can we ask for. Unlike QNMU who are not there for the nurses at all. Great job NPAQ, I will always recommended you to all my colleagues. I couldn’t ask for better support.
The support shown to me by NPAQ and Dianne throughout my recent experiences has been fantastic. Compassion and understanding of workplace issues has ensured that I feel safe and have the knowledge to continue in my role. Ongoing support and follow up have been second to none.
Assistance with a problem professionally and promptly handled. Very much appreciated thankyou
They fought for me to get the result I desired. Well done! Better than other unions by far!
Felt totally supported by Dianne during a recent stressful complaint at work Was guided through the mediation process and achieved a good outcome.
I’d like to thank Dianne Bradeley for her support and guidance in my recent workplace matter
NPAQ is a fantastic union that is not only cheaper but also a better alternative to the QNU. It's great to see NPAQ supporting their union members, especially the Margaret Gilbert case. Margaret is such a dedicated professional and an experienced nurse, for her to have to defend herself against QLD Health and the QNU is extraordinary. It is a privilege to be part of such a fantastic union that really supports their union members and I would find it a privilege myself to assist where needed. To be clear QNU is only a political party and taking the paycheck from their union members without being willing to support their constituents.
I very recently had a work issue which could have led to a disciplinary. NPAQ nursed me through the whole situation (excuse the pun) and within 2 weeks of first contact pertaining to this issue to an end result, they got me an outcome which was favourable in that no disciplinary action would be taken. Massive thank you to Dianne B. for her help and support and also to the rest of the NPAQ staff.
I would like to take the opportunity to give a huge kudos to the team @ NPAQ. In particular, President Phil, and my case officer Dianne Bradeley. Dianne called every week to catch up on events and practised a very supportive role in my case. Very knowledgeable and a most caring person. Never did I receive this level of support or even multiple communication with 'another' legal nursing service. NPAQ, stand by their words, they really do care about nurses.
Thank you so much for your hard work and support with regard to my public holiday entitlement. Not only did we once again ensure they understand the PH EBA but NPAQ solicitors took the time to search back through 6 years of unpaid PH entitlement and request back pay which was a huge surprise because that wasn’t what I set out to achieve. My only wish is that NPAQ could do the same now for every nurse. Thank you again
Roz Watling
Very professional, prompt, accurate and relevant info given, highly recommended.
NPAQ - OMG where would we be without you!! So happy that at long last nurses have a voice looking after them. Keep up the good fight. I congratulate myself every day that I joined the NPAQ
I would like to express my gratitude to you and your team. I want to say that the actions you suggested are exactly what we frontline workers needed. You and your team have done an excellent job for coming up with those suggestions at this difficult and uncertain time. If they are granted by the State and Federal government, we would all feel safe and well supported to go to work and on the other side, our patients will get the best care we can offer. Again thank you very much for your hard work and support and our heart will be always with NPAQ.
Very helpful and prompt with assistance
Marcia was wonderful in assisting me through some workplace red tape upon my return to work after maternity leave.
I recently was presented a letter of complaint regarding my professional behaviour as a registered nurse. Without going into detail, I thought it was unfairly targeted, an overreaction to a workplace incident in which no harm was done to any staff member, patient or my employer, and in many aspects more a critique of workplace culture than my own professionalism. I was devastated at first then remembered the NPAQ. A HUGE thank you to Dianne. She settled me down and guided me expertly with my letter of response, with suggestions both sensible and conciliatory. She continually touched base with me regarding any progress. When I finally received the outcome decision, it was satisfactory to all parties and a huge relief for me. Belonging to the NPAQ was invaluable and I’m so grateful I saw that flyer one night on night duty so many moons ago
NPAQ helped me out in a recent workplace matter. I had been on WorkCover for 10 months and finally got the all clear to go back. My NUM however, wanted me on a back to work program for clinical. Apparently the back to work program I had been on was not satisfactory. I rang NPAQ and told them the problem and forwarded a copy of my WorkCover certificate to them and my NUM. Two hours later I had an email from my NUM asking me to come in and work out what shifts I had for the next fortnight as a full time staff member. No need to involve the union more than it was already. Apparently just the name of the NPAQ on an email is enough to give management a little push in the right direction. Thankyou NPAQ. Win!!!!!
I had a few queries on rostering. I spoke to Dianne Bradley who got back to me on the same day and was very professional. Very satisfied with how it was dealt with and would highly recommend her for any problems in the future. Thanks Dianne
Great service and constant follow up
Thank you SO much Dianne B for your calm, reassuring influence during an extremely stressful workplace experience. Your professional skill and presence spoke for itself, giving me the confidence and guidance I needed at a very difficult time. #DianneNPAQmyHEROES
Was regularly contacted to find out how I was going. Reassured and supported throughout the process. Thank you.
Absolutely amazing in all my enquires. Helpful and supportive! Can't recommend NPAQ enough. Thank you.
My representative Kathleen was patient and well informed to provide good advice
Whenever I have a workplace query or question NPAQ have always addressed it with comprehensive and clear information. I like to know what my workplace rights are and NPAQ provides me with all the available information over the phone and followup with an email detailing everything mentioned. It's really helpful to know I have someone in my corner who knows a lot more than I do and can give me accurate information.
Wonderful, supportive and considerate staff who helped me when I required it. Aenghas continued to follow up with me via email until I received confirmation that everything was okay. It was nice to know I was being thought of and looked after. I really appreciate how open and genuine NPAQ staff members are! Cannot thank you all enough :)
Great service and constant follow up!
Kathleen listened to me and we worked closely together for the final decision
I’m just wanting to pass on that I’m very grateful for Dianne’s time in attending a workplace meeting with me today. With her by my side, I was able to get through a stressful afternoon with more confidence. Her calm guidance and support was very much appreciated.
Marcia was wonderful in assisting me through some workplace red tape upon my return to work after maternity leave.
I contacted NPAQ as I needed some feedback regarding the negotiation of a new work contract. NPAQ was extremely helpful and provided professional, friendly advice in a reasonable response time. If I was with another organisation which shall remain nameless I would still be waiting for a response. Thank you NPAQ for your support!! It is nice to know that our monthly contribution is really going where it is needed. To support nurses!! 👌👌
Ruth P
How reassuring it is to get help to address my recent work-related issues from any of the staff I spoke to straight away. Always friendly and professional. Each time I approach your organisation it feels as I am a top priority. It is good to know you are there. This time once more Marcia responded immediately to my phone call and offered to support me at work, which was so helpful and calming. She attended the meeting with me, solving the issues there and then. Marcia always has an answer to all my concerns and questions, is exceptionally knowledgeable, professional and compassionate in her approach and assistance. Thank you so very much for the guidance offered.
Responded in a very timely manner and constantly touched base to see how things were progressing. I felt very supported.
Jean K
Very thankful for the support I received from NPAQ this year. They provided me with very useful and thorough information that assisted me greatly.
Absolutely AWESOME support!! Marcia & Kathleen.!!! Just can’t say enough good things about them. From “legal” support & advice to huge emotional support .... Kathleen came to the meeting with me to hold my hand, offer advice & am sooo grateful for her physical & emotional support. I have been/was also at the time a bit of a mess. It’s been a VERY stressful past year or two with this ongoing situation. I am extremely grateful to everyone at NPAQ for all your hard work. I've never had to use a union before & am soooo relieved I did now. Many many thanks everyone!!!! Can’t say it enough!!
Susan C
Marcia was able to provide me with a ministerial directive & HR policy outlining recognition of the previous service and therefore my entitlement to 565 hours of sick leave that had been ‘lost’. Her response to my query was very quick. I hadn’t been able to find any information on the subject. The information prompted me to contact payroll and the issue was investigated and sorted without any drama. Marcia followed up twice during the process, always willing to advocate if needed. I appreciated advice, interest & follow up.
Aenghus was extremely knowledgeable and supportive which I cannot thank him enough for.
Marcia was lovely to work with through my complaint at my workplace. Had my back and gave me confidence when needed.
Nadia B
Really happy with the professional services from NPAQ. Really responsive, extremely helpful, nothing too much trouble and great background support.
Natalie H
When you have an issue it's nice to have confirmation that your doing the right thing for both yourself and the company. And most of all your residents. Would highly and do recommend NPAQ.
Thank you to Kathleen and the NPAQ team for taking my workplace issue seriously and assisting in achieving a resolution. Highly recommend.
Andrea F
It’s as easy as a phone call to get Urgent Professional Unbiased Lifesaving Help when you’re feeling Tortured. Thanks again NPAQ very much in your debt! xxx
Very helpful and knowledgeable. I felt supported and confident with NPAQ in my corner
Kate C
NPAQ has been 100% supportive from the first contact. They work hard to achieve resolution for their members. They are professional thoughtful and knowledgeable. The NPAQ has a wealth of experience within their team. I already have recommended many members who I know have joined.
I can't thank NPAQ enough for their support over the last few months with a difficult case of mine, they provided exceptional professional support and guidance through this difficult time and I can say I would've been lost without the NPAQ team! I would also like to mention a big thank you to Aenghas and Marcia, I am so grateful for their time, effort and support they put into assisting and reassuring me. If you would like genuine professional support I cannot recommend NPAQ enough!
I recently had some issues at work, so I got in touch with NPAQ. I was promptly contacted by Kathleen. She drafted my initial written response to the incident and acted as my support person during a meeting. I got great advice about how to deal with the problem, I never knew the membership could come in so handy!
Kathleen Campbell was the best. Her professional knowledge, demeanour, support and understanding in a tough situation is fully accredited to her. As a professional person removed from the situation herself, she provided sanity in an otherwise overwhelming environment for me.
Timely response. Helpful, non-judgemental and professional approach. I would recommend NPAQ to anyone who cares to know about the Association.
Great experience dealing with NPAQ team.
Brilliant compassionate care and support (Kathleen is exceptional and a credit to NPAQ) .
Very prompt and relevant advice - thanks!
Thea O
Amazing support at last minute during a very stressful time.
It was great to be able to bounce and have the issue reviewed by an independent person who while had my best interests was able to look at the situation without bias and bring balance back to the situation. Thank you.
The support officer was understanding of my situation and was able to offer personal and professional support of the highest level. She was able to direct me to additional services that resulted in a fair and positive result to my concern.
Kathleen represented me with my problem and was amazing. She kept in contact regularly and her advice was exceptional. I have dealt with the QNU before and this Association wipes the floor with them. At all times I felt you were on my side. With the QNU it was totally the opposite. Keep up the great work.
NPAQ have assisted me with matters at work that impact all staff. I have recommended NPAQ to many of my fellow staff members to join.
Geoff K
Thank you NPAQ! I now have a flexible work arrangement! This would not have happened without the support of Marcia who attended and advocated with me at every meeting 👍
The support I received was exceptional and professional. I can not thank the support member enough for all her help in getting my alleged issue resolved.
How wonderful is Kathleen Campbell! "Simply the best, better than all the rest" She has had to advise me on two separate occasions and she is exceptional to say the least. She is honest, fair and knows her "stuff". And she tells it as it is in presentation that one can understand. The facts, the faults and probable outcome. Also to sit up straight and don't fidget (a lot to keep in mind when you are up against a panel!) Oh! do not chew gum! The brochures you sent me are all over the desk and hopefully being filled out by my colleagues. I love her to bits. Thank you form a very grateful member.
Sandy K. CN
To Whom It May Concern, I would like to thank you for helping me out back in May with a spot of bother at work - especially Kathleen Campbell (one of your independent consultants) who was fantastic. She was so supportive and provided me with all the information I needed to resolve the issue. While it was very stressful I felt like she was so knowledgeable that it was a relief to have her with me at my meeting.
The support and confidence Kathleen brought to the table was second to none. Every effort was made to help and it was greatly appreciated.
I’m an operational officer and I was with the other union AWU and I had an issue I wanted to discuss I rang a number of times with no response so I resigned and joined NPAQ within an hour of me ringing I had a phone call back and then within 24hours I had a letter drafted up by NPAQ and sent to my managers my issues were resolved. I’m very happy and feel supported with NPAQI will be spreading the word to join NPAQ. We need people to stop complaining about their situation and getting nowhere - just resign from whatever union you're with and join NPAQ so they can grow and have the power to resolve your issues.
Kathleen was fantastic, provided excellent support. Great to see that members who work in management receive all the assistance required. I never got this with the QNMU even though I had been a long term member and paid huge membership fees!
NPAQ dealt with my case in a professional and companionate manner.
Hi NPAQ, I just inducted an agency staff member and of course gave her NPAQS brochure. She did an ahah, said she had heard of NPAQ, knew they had just secured millions of $s in back pay for UHC nurses. Told me her friend in HR told her to get out of QNMU and join NPAQ they are 'go getters'. Your starting to make a name for yourselves. Well done and many thanks.
Thank you for following up on the outcome of my Flexible Work Arrangement request. I am happy we were able to reach a final agreement. I would like to thank you for your understanding and support with this matter. I hope that in the future I am able to provide support to employees with the same professionalism and knowledge that you have given me.
Thank you so much for your support during this stressful time. Thank you for a good outcome. Thank you for helping me keep my job
It's the real deal ... feels like nurses supporting nurses without any other agenda around
I had a situation arise at work that I needed union representation for. Having only recently changed unions to NPAQ I was a bit nervous- but I need not have been. I was lucky enough to have the lovely Marcia come and support me through a meeting and subsequent follow-up phone conversations, emails and texts. Marcia has been reassuring, very professional and so very helpful to me during a very stressful time. I am so appreciative towards her for that. I highly recommend NPAQ to all my nursing friends. Many thanks.
Bridget L
I am really impressed with the service and the team are really easy to talk to, right from the first person to answer the phone thru to the person I dealt with (Marcia). I felt very relaxed and not scared or intimidated at all. This is my first year with NPAQ - very happy chappy hear!
Kathleen had a lot of patience with me as it was complicated explanation that I provided her with. Just when I was about to give up, she encouraged me to push.
Margaret and Marcia were great support and I don't think my employer would have addressed my concerns if Marcia hadn't phoned them to let them know I was a member and NPAQ were involved. Great job, well done!
You had all the answers to my questions, did not let me deviate from the path we agreed on, provided me with a letter of reply for my employer and last but not least kept me on an even keel at a time of extreme stress. A VERY big thank you to all that helped me.
Explained my options, supported me, talked to me, never made me feel unsupported. My calls were always returned if not answered directly, I was never made to feel that my issue was unimportant.
WOW! Thank you so much. I never felt this supported or has such thorough and speedy service and support with QNMU.
NPAQ provided me with a fast response and made me feel that I was their top priority. I felt that all the staff were there for my best interest and were available day and night.
Adam, RN
Thank you for your ongoing support for my workplace St Andrews Hospital. I see you are working really hard for equality and a fair deal in many areas. You have proposed some really good ideas and fairness in the workplace. Thank you.
Liz W
NPAQ Provided me with a sensational representative. She was honest, thorough and cut straight to the heart of the issue. With quick response to my phone calls and emails, she became my greatest support - above and beyond my expectations. My work colleagues were surprised when I told them about the support, assistance to write an appropriate response and the ongoing contact. This meant a great deal to me as the situation emotionally knocked me.
Quick reply and prompt support
More reasonable fee and Australia wide coverage.

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